TideBit’s wonderful trip on World Blockchain Marvelous Hong Kong 2018

On August 24th, World Blockchain Marvelous Hong Kong 2018 was held in the luxurious, shoreside Five-Star Kerry Hotel .

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The conference invited Hollywood Chinese-American movie star Bai Ling, Hollywood actor Michael Madsen and more than 40 influential leaders from Korea, Japan, China, USA and Europe, with NULS, Hycon, GNX, Storm, Dlight Chain, HEX, Bizblocks, and other projects to explore the application of blockchain technology. Keynote speakers included Bobby Lee, co-founder of BTCC (Bitcoin China), Duan Xinxing, founder of Bytom, CEO,Simon Dixon, founder of BnktoTheFuture.com , Chairman of the Korea Blockchain Association Self-Regulatory Committee, Mr. Jhun Ha Jin, and industry regulators from Korea to discuss the latest trend. TideBit was also invited to participate in the event, and our COO Terence Tsang gave a speech and introduce about Fintech ecosystem of TIDEiSUN Group.

🎤 Keynote Speaker:Andy Duncan, ICOiN Studios, Hollywood

first from left Michael Madsen,second from right BaiLing

Hollywood Chinese-American movie star Bai Ling, movie star Michael Madsen are discussing the feasibility between Hollywood film industry and blockchain, with ICOiN Studios project representative Andy Duncan. For instance, enabling investors to participate in cinema investments, and more, matching quality investors with these exciting Crypto projects and providing abundant and potentially lucrative deal-making opportunities.

🎤 Keynote Speaker: Simon Dixon, CEO and Founder of BnktoTheFuture.com
Simon Dixon, CEO and founder of BnktoTheFuture.com presented participants with topics like forecasts for the digital assets sector in 2019, including decentralized Token/decentralized trading platforms, government’s regulation on ICO and trading platforms, security and competition with fiat currency.

Simon Dixon, CEO and founder of BnktoTheFuture.com

🎤 Keynote Speaker: Duan Xinxing, founder of Bytom
Duan Xinxing mentioned blockchain should focus on business application and Bytom will focus on the underlying technology development and committed to provide such technologies to support the industry in the future.

Duan Xinxing, founder of Bytom

Meanwhile, Duan thinks that the co-construction of global community is still an important goal of the team this year. With the overseas office establishment in South Korea, the United States…etc, global market expansion is actively preparing. In the panel session, Duan and blockchain leaders discussed on the growing cryptosystem, communicated about the opportunities and future of blockchain industry in Asia, and discussed the challenges and opportunities of the industry at last.

🎤 Keynote Speaker:TideBit COO Terence Tsang

TideBit COO Terence Tsang

Established in July 2017, TideBit is part of TIDEiSUN Group. In one year, it has became Hong Kong’s №1 trading platform and expanded overseas like Taiwan…etc. Terence Tsang, the Managing Director of TideBit, gave a speech on “How to choose a good trading platform.” He analyzed the current situation of the digital asset market and believed that it has to be deeply understood the entire ecosystem of the digital asset trading platform, not only based on the trading volume.

TideiSun Ecosystem

Another highlight of TideBit, which it is an important part within the financial technology ecosystem of the entire TideiSUN group, thus more functions will be given more functions and play a greater role in the future.

TideiSUN Ecosystem includes: Infinite chain, BOLT booster, payment tools: TidePay, PingPay, TideWallet, trading platform, smart contract applications, etc.)

TideiSun Ecosystem

🎤 Keynote Speaker:BTCC CO-founder Bobby Lee

Bobby Lee, co-founder of Bitcoin China (BTCC)

Bobby Lee, co-founder of BTCC, once again reiterated that the advantage of Bitcoin is being unique and without the issue of over-issuance by banks; Facing the endless regulatories in China, he believes that this is indeed one of the biggest challenges for Bitcoin. However, the value and acceptance of Bitcoin is not affected by government regulation. In contrast, Bitcoin’s value comes from its inherent limits and the public’s perception.

🔈About World Blockchain Marvels

Based on the success of the first World Blockchain Marvels in June 2018 held in Seoul, the Hong Kong event is co-hosted by Korea CEO Summit and Bitemper. It aims to provide a highly informative and inspirational programme offering opportunities to hundreds of practitioners in the industry, such as startups, trading platforms, investors, lawyers, industry associations and academia for greater knowledge of the industry and business networking.

For more information about the conference, please visit: https://wbmarvels.com/





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