Power to the people, GME rally proofs Bitcoin will succeed

GME and Dogecoin raised a global issue in the traditional financial market, their surge of price are driven by the commentary of institutions and “celebrities”, and these issues own the same revolutionary idea: To take back control of the financial market.

It is not difficult to understand that the revolutionary idea is just the same with the concept of Bitcoin, i.e #decentralisation. However, achieving this ultimate goal is not an easy job, people are wondering the regulations and security problem of the cryptocurrency market. For instance, the safety troubles brought by DeFi has led to over 10 million losses in the market last year.

Despite the concerns, Fintech groups and institutions are likely to support Bitcoin and store Bitcoin as a hedge asset , for example Visa, PayPal, MicroStrategy etc. With the endorsement from institutional investors, Bitcoin is growing its identity as an alternative of centralised finance, as well as going public, it could become the majority financial product in the following decades.

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