NFT will push crypto to 200 million users

In an interview with Cointelegrapgh, CEO Kris Marszalek explained that the fast expansion of crypto space was related to institutional adoption, support of cryptocurrencies by the payment firms, as well as Defi and NFT. Moreover, Marszalek believed that NFT would push crypto users to 200 million, as culture nowadays are formed by influencers on the net, which creates a perfect timing for NFTs to go mainstream.

Elon Musk, Tesla CEO with 49.8 million followers on Twitter, tweeted a NFT theme video last week, and that tweet cost US$275,000 on Valuables. Later, Unfolded published data from Google Trend, showing the Google search for “NFTs” roars, just like ICO in 2017. In addition, a prominent Taiwanese singer Eric Chou announced on Instagram that he would launch the first music NFT, the first music NFT in Taiwanese music sector. Last but not least, an NFT exhibition is going to be held in New York by SuperChief, a gallery founded by Edward Zipco and Bill Dunleavy, bringing NFT to mainstream adoption.

The NFT sector is becoming mainstream. According to the February report conducted by Dappradar, the transaction volume top 3 NFT continued to rise with US$342 million traded, NBA Top Shot dominated 67% in the volume. Despite crypto users accounting for 1% of the global population, NFT is super bullish in this year, which Kris Marszalek’s expectation may come true.

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