How to open an account at

What is TideBit?

It is a smart way to buy, sell & trade Bitcoin(BTC) and Ethereum(ETH),TideBit uses the most sophisticated, industry-leading security protocols on the market. All information stored, shared, and uploaded on the platform is encrypted with the most advanced tools.

TideBit is currently supporting Cantonese, Mandarin and English interface and support service.

Please follow the instructions below of opening your TideBit account.

Figure 1: Visit , then click Register.


Figure 2: Then you enter the registration page of Figure 2 . Please enter your email address, password, verification code accordingly and click “Create My Account” to enter Figure 3.

Figure 2

Figure 3: This black page appears here, which prompts the customer to complete the three-step verification. The first step is to activate account by receiving email verification.

Figure 3

Figure 4: Check your email inbox, click the activation link sent from TideBit in order to proceed to the next step. If you can not find the email, please try to find it in your spam folder.

Figure 4

Figure 5: After clicking the activation link, the page will be redirected to Figure 5, “Your Email has been verified successfully” will be shown.

Figure 5

Figure 6: Next, you need go through the “Two Factor Authentication”. You can either pick “Google Authentication” or “SMS Authentication” or BOTH according to your preference.

Figure 6

Figure 7: We advise you to enable “Google Authentication” first, please download “Google Authenticator” to your mobile phone .

Figure 7

Figure 8: Click “Enable Google Authentication”.

Figure 8

Figure 9: Open Google Authenticator on your mobile, and then enter the 6-digit code after scanning the QR code using Google Authenticator.

Figure 9

Figure 10: 6-digit code in blue is usability, in red is invalid.

Figure 10

Figure 11: To enable “SMS Authentication”, please enter your phone number and put the received 6-digit code into the box.

Figure 11

Figure 12: The last step is to submit your Identity Verification.

Figure 12

Figure 13&14: Fill in your personal information and upload the proof of identity and residential address and click “submit”.

Address verification needs to meet 5 requirements :

1.Letter issued by government bodies or bank

2.Letter issued within 3 months

3.Letter in Chinese or English

4.Letter in paper version , please upload in full page (A4 size)

5.Letter in e-version, please upload the full file

Figure 13
Figure 14

Figure 15: After submitting all required documents, please kindly wait for TideBit team to verify and activate your account. It usually takes one or two working days to complete the verification. If you would like to shorten the verification time, please send email to us ( for status update.

Figure 15

Figure 16: We will send you an email about the KYC result.

Figure 16

Figure 17: Also, you can login your TideBit account to check the result. If you see Figure 17, it means you have passed the KYC and you are ready to use TideBit.

Figure 17

Figure 18: If you require further information, please send email to us:


TideBit is a leading crypto asset exchange supporting fiat currency.